Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Am I Dreaming?

You probably heard about the death of snowboarder and Olympic favorite, Sarah Burke. She died last week from a head injury after a fall while doing some flips in the air. Her friend and professional snowboarder, Gretchen Blielier, responded to the public by saying, “Keep waking up early to land those tricks you’ve been dreaming of, but only if it’s done with 100% passion, pure fire, discipline and commitment.”

That struck a chord with me. That’s why Sarah and Gretchen were champion snowboarders. It was more than a hobby to them. They dreamed about it. They lived it wholeheartedly. And Sarah Burke risked everything for her dream.

This has spurred me to ask myself some questions. I encourage you to ask them of yourself as well. What do I wake up early to do? What fills my waking hours? What do I dream about? What do I envision myself doing? Who do I envision myself becoming? What holds me back from my dream? Is it lack of passion? Lack of discipline? Lack of commitment? Is my vision coming true or is it fading like a nighttime dream upon awakening? Finally, what would others say I am passionate about?

I love to run. I think about it. I read about it. I talk about it. I set goals for my running. I even envision myself running certain races and setting a personal best. I would say I am passionate about running. It is a part of who I am.

I also love God. I think about him. I read about him. But do I talk about him with the same exuberance and openness with which I talk about running? Do I daydream about and put into action ways to know him better? Am I passionate about the One who loves me passionately? Does my relationship with God define me, or do I methodically check off a religious to-do list so I can focus on other things I am truly passionate about?

I am inspired when I see or hear about others who are passionate about a sport or a cause. Their devotion is especially apparent when they risk losing their lives to fulfill their dream.

For me, dying while running is a much better option than a lot of other ways to die. But what about giving it all for God? Do I give him my all, even if it means losing my life for him? What about looking like a radical? Do I wake up eager to spend time with him? Do I pursue him with 100% passion, pure fire, discipline and commitment?

I want to.

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