Monday, January 10, 2011

Days like today can put a damper on a runner’s enthusiasm, especially if you prefer running outside. It was cold…no, freezing, wet and gray! I resorted to Plan B, yet Plan B was a bit foggy in my mind, kind of like today’s early morning fog.

I ended up doing some things at home before going to the Y to work out, and my lack of planning resulted in a shortened workout time. I managed, however, to get in almost 20 minutes on the ellyptical, while reading subtitles on the t.v.s. That’s what I get for poor planning…left my ipod at home. Soap operas are ridiculous enough, but there is something even more ridiculous about them when you’re reading what they’re saying! (Woman pulls shotgun on other woman and says, “Like my grandpa always said, ‘If you’re gonna mess with the bull, you better watch out for the horns.’”) Excuse me while I throw up!

My other t.v. options were the inauguration of Oklahoma’s new governor and the weather channel. Not particularly inspirational workout viewing. Then I hurried to swim a few laps before going to get a massage; Christmas gift from Mom and Dad.

My day instantly improved, and I’m trying to figure out how to budget in at least one massage monthly, which may be doable with her reasonable prices. I’m sure the benefits of massage will enhance my performance on race day. Thanks, Laurah!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny…and cold. But I think I can handle cold if it’s at least sunny. That’s the plan.

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  1. I've been doing a monthly massage myself. . .I think its made a difference. . .You know, visiting AZ? It's always sunny in AZ LOL

    Great post, great blog, sister friend!